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Kodda Stafur

  • 7.990 kr

Kemur í einum lit, ljós beige - eins og stafurinn R á mynd. 

Þú getur einnig sérpantað staf ef þinn stafur er ekki í boði. 

Materials: bouclé, Recycled polyester, polyester
Length: 14.56 inches

100% handmade Boucle letter pillow for kids. Its a great gift for babies or couples to have their Initials or full names decorated in the bedroom or anywhere is the house. Our pillows are super and comfy soft because of the recycled Boucle type material. Letter cushion can be used as a travel pillow in a plane or a car, don't miss a chance to these letter pillows as unique room decoration!


Frí heimsending yfir 12.000 kr.